EMMERICH – the cutest dog-bed ever!

Emma’s third birthday was approaching and she needed a new bed. His father was thinking in something special, a bed that can be transformed into a friend: a bed with the shape of an animal.

Believe it or not, this was a last minute idea, Emma’s father had the idea one Wednesday and Emma’s 3rd birthday was next Monday. Seems impossible, but nothing beats people with good friends, creativity and good ideas.  2 days later, ready for the party girl, the EMMERICH bed was born and thanks to Emma, 10 lucky people can welcome this lovely bed-dog in their homes.

Emma’s father is Sascha Grewe, an artist that transforms typography into furniture. Art that can be used as seats, shelves, tables and any kind of decoration.

Shascha contacted his friend Swantje, a graphic designer and illustrator for an idea of the animal bed. Swantje sent him and sketch of a dog-bed 2 minutes later and the rest is history.

Emma had his perfect present, don’t you believe so?

I truly believe that this is the best present ever! A bed that can also be a friend, thousand of stories to imagine, to share.

The bed has a size of 166x66x30, but is designed for a mattress size 120 x60 as the headboard has a storage container for books, toys, or their favourite teddy bear.

As Emma, 10 lucky kids can sleep in this marvellous bed as a limited edition of 10 beds is offered through Emma’s mum shop: kitsch can make you rich, a shop filled with funny designs made of wood like this peggy container or a plug for storing your keys.

A creative family, with creative friends. How lucky Emma is!