EVERYDAY HEROES a documentary film about the power of life and resilience


I love Instagram, it is my favourite social network so far. At the beginning I liked discovering photographies made by amateur people like me. But now, with Stories, Instagram brings me the opportunity to discover stories like the one I am bringing you today, the story of Anne-Dauphine Julliand.

First time I heard about Anne was at Bea Gaspar‘s Stories. Bea is very inspiring and I will follow her to infinity and beyond.

Everyday I think about how lucky we are. We have the privilege of enjoying how our daughters grow and all those we love are healthy. And I thank life for it. Believe it or not, these are my two first wishes at the beginning of every year First, family and friends. Then come the rest: keeping our jobs, traveling more,..;)

If you understand a little bit of Spanish, I will recommend you to  listen carefully to Anne-Dauphine Julliand’s personal story. It is well worth hearing from her how “Everyday heroes” was born.


EVERYDAY HEROES  is a movie directed by Anne-Dauphine Julliand that shake any preconceived ideas about life, childhood, resiliency and the power of now.

The film captures the decency and innocence of Imad, Ambre, Charles, Tugdual and Camille, five amazing kids  (between six and nine years old) who are willing to share with us their everyday life, their doubts and their joys. These little kids unknowingly give us a lesson about life. They live the moment.

These children among all children have a particularity, all of them have been diagnosed with serious pathologies, which make them both very mature and self-aware of the power of now. With humor and all the optimistic energy of childhood, they take us by the hand, leading us into their world, sharing with us their games, joys, dreams, and sickness.

This is a documentary film from a child’s perfective, a documentary about life. Anne Dauphine Julliand, the director, has been able to capture the decency and innocence of these amazing kids, who really stand among every day heroes, and share with us a lesson of life.

Stories like these reinforce my belief of how important is to live the present.


In Spain part of the profit will be donated to  JUEGATERAPIA and FEDER,  to help the great work they do with children and their families.

Release date in Spain February the 9th. 

Anne-Dauphine Julliand is also the author of “Two small Footprints in Wet Sand“- Translated into 20 languages.

If you want to view this documentary in iTunes, press here.