PETIT MAG is Lila& Tom‘s creative universe. A place full of images created just for the sheer pleasure of viewing. The pleasure of imagine and create a world full of color and beauty, a world devoted to children. The children we were, your children, our children.

PETIT MAG is poetry in the form of images, it is inspiration and it is pure pleasure. Just come and see.

 Formes d’Evasion .- Copyright and stylism: Lila&Tom, photography: Eva Bozzo, Visual art concept: OAKERS

Lila&Tom is a fashion story agency,a creative and visual communication agency specialized in the children’s fashion industry. They transform fashion into magical stories, into pieces with soul.

Lila&Tom works in art direction, stylism for editorials, catalogues, fashions shows and advertising. They have clients all around the world and have published in many top magazines.

But on top, they also have launched PETIGMAG, a creative lab to let their imagination fly.

 StarWars .- Copyright and stylism: Lila&Tom, photography: Melanie Rodriguez

In PETITMAG you can find inspiring pictures, so beautiful that can be considered art pieces, montages, and animations.

Every picture is a story in its own, every issue is as impressive as the previous one.

Animal Wall .- Copyright and stylism: Lila&Tom, photography: Eva Bozzo , Visual art: ZOOF

Little Birds .- Copyright and stylism: Lila&Tom, photography: Melanie Rodriguez

I absolutely recommend you to visit their Magazine. To prepare something to drink, to find a calm moment only for you and to sit down in your favorite place. Go through their issues, let your imagination fly and immersed into their imaginary worlds.

A perfect and inspiring afternoon just for you!

In the Fog .- Copyright and stylism: Lila&Tom, photography: Juan Carlos Ponsa & Enric Montes