INSPIRING GIRLS an organization dedicated to raising the aspirations of young girls


INSPIRING GIRLS INTERNATIONAL is an organisation dedicated to raising the aspirations of young girls around the world by connecting girls and female role models.

Miriam González Durántez, international and European trade lawyer was the first volunteer. 

In October 2013, Miriam launched a national campaign in the UK called Inspiring Women to connect British girls with female role models living in the UK. They tried to prove that there are hundred of thousands of female role models that might not be on TV or in the glossy magazines but they are an amazing example for young girls.

These days they have got more than 25,000 women all over the country (old, young, senior, junior, working full-time, part-time, stay at home mums, women from most professional sectors…) going back to schools to meet with the children. This way they show girls that they can be like any of those women, because they are all ‘normal women’ who have got where they are in life by working hard at whatever they do.

But they also try to teach them that they must disregard any of the silly labels that society often throws at women, and they must  focus on pursuing their dreams, free of any social constraints.

But I have also learned that most women, regardless their background or their age, suffer at some point in their lives from a lack of self-confidence. And that lack of self confidence is a seed that often gets to us while we are still girls. Lack of self confidence affects girls infinitely more than boys. Not only in the UK but all over the world. If we do not get rid of that seed when girls are still young, the seed grows, and it will limit the aspirations and the phenomenal potential of most girls. Miriam González 

That is the reason why Miriam founded Inspiring Girls International. Because issues such as the lack of self confidence, the pressure of labels and the lack of access to female role models are issues that affect most girls all around the world.

Women and men of our generation have a duty to show young girls that they are free to decide what to do with their lives – as free as boys. We want girls to aim high and work hard. I want them to feel free to follow their dreams. Because that is their right.


INSPIRING GIRLS INTERNATIONAL goals are: Exposing young girls (10-15 years old) to the full variety of jobs, roles and options in life; and inspiring them to aim high.

How does the campaign work?

Face to face sessions between girls and women:

  • By volunteers going to schools to talk to a group of girls for one hour about their life, career, ups and downs, choices and experiences in the work place and in life.
  • By organising flagship speed-dating events to give publicity to the campaign.

Virtual sessions between the girls and the volunteers:

  • Live sessions using hang-outs.
  • Developing a digital library where the girls can find recorded interviews of the volunteers.
  • Developing an app that allows girls connect with the volunteers (through their schools and the presence of a teacher to avoid any unrelated concerns) so that girls in areas or countries with no access to roles models in a particular field can contact role models in other countries or regions using technological means.

We believe that the real change for girls only will come from inside, through the women who live in the country, who know the country, and therefore know the issues affecting girls in each country.

While Governments in every country still need to be encouraged to take further actions for changing the above situation, they believe that the real change will come from the society itself, both men and women, willing to speak up and lead by example through initiatives such as Inspiring Girls International.

There are the countries where they are working nowadays:



CUTEANDKIDS believes that every kid could be whatever he/she wants. No matter of gender and race.

That’s the reason why we’ll be supporting this campaign at the blog for a few months. To help INSPIRING GIRLS INTERNATIONAL to spread their word.

We also believe that our kids, boys and girls, girls and boys, shall not allow anybody (even us, their parents) decide their future for them.

This is their life, so it  is their decision what they do with it and theirs only.

We should try to provide them with all the love, the best education and opportunities possible, but the rest is their job and decision.

Come on, get moving! Be the spark a girl needs. Be inspiring, become a volunteer.

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The powerful film has been made by the creative agency  MullenLowe London. They have provocatively captured how, early on in their education, children already define career opportunities as male and female.

When asked to draw a firefighter, surgeon and a fighter pilot, 61 pictures were drawn of men and only 5 were female. They (and we) think It’s time to #redrawthebalance.