One thing I always wanted to have is a diary of my travels. A sketch book where to draw what I see and add my thoughts and experiences. And I have tried it, I promise, but I am simply too bad at drawing.

Pictures are great, but unless you can print them instantly,  I have the feeling that the diary loose the impressions of the moment and becomes just an album.

This is why I am completely in love with @a.aradilla sketchbook.

During one year, I have been travelling the world through her watercolors. Now she is back to Spain, but you can travel as well through her instagram account.

Alicia and Sergio, illustrator and photo-journalist, decided to stop staring at the sky, following the paths of the plains with their sight, and jump instead into one (or several) to travel the world during a year.

They started in Iran, where they discovered that their preconceptions of closeness and lack pf tolerance were not true. People welcomed them as part of their family and everybody in the street were interested in Alicia’s watercolor. Conversation is difficult when you do not share a language, but a smile is understood everywhere. Iran color palette is ochre as the deserts, turquoise as the mosques and green as its gardens.

From there, they travelled to Russia, where they catch the Transiberian train towards Asia – Mongolian Olympic games (the Nadaam) has been always in my bucket list ­čÖé

There is many people that likes to travel to tick places in their list. They jump into a bus, take some pictures of the main buildings, a selfie or two and jump back in the bus looking for a McDonalds or a Starbucks.

I do not like this type of traveling. I like spending the afternoon in the main square, talking to the people, going out of the way described in the travel guides. It is true that sometimes I do not have time for visiting everything, but I can always go back or enjoy pictures from other people in instagram or in a library book.
Alicia spends plenty of time living the place she is drawing. She needs to capture the light, feel the ambience, listen to the stories of the people. She lives the place she draws.

With the Transiberian, they arrived to China and travel around Asia visiting Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Philipines, Myanmar, Indonesia, Singapore, India and Japan. One of my dreams come true!

From there they traveled back towards Europe, stopping in Jordan where they visit one of the most beautiful places in the world: Petra and in Instambul, Turkey.
Italy and Greece were their last destinations before returning back home and every of their sketches brought me back to those countries I know so well.

Alicia says in her instagram account that she used to sketch two or three drawings per day. Plenty of time diving into the life of the cities and the greatest memories to keep.

For us is another way of traveling the world, of getting to know other places of the globe, other people, other ways of living. My eldest son has promised me we will start one in our following trip. I am already excited to see who he percibes the world.


Do you want to join us?

You can know more about Alicia in these instagrams accounts: @a.aradilla, @homesapiens, @alonso1987 and in their blog, where you will find plenty of interesting and useful information if you plan to do something similar.