Use your voice for change: CREATORS FOR CHANGE

I think Social Media is like a gift, simply we should look for that gems that will lift your spirit.

CREATORS FOR CHANGE videos are one of those precious gems. This global initiative kicked off by YouTube in 2016, spotlights inspirational creators who use YouTube’s global reach to change conversations around tough issues and make a truly positive impact on the world.

This initiative is dedicated to amplify and multiply the internet’s young YouTubers that are using their channels to front social change videos and using their voices to promote messages of tolerance and empathy. The Creators are given funding, equipment and a network of support.

Chosen for their passion and dedication for creating social change, the YouTube creators selected for 2018 come from over 16 countries and represent a combined audience of 20 million of fans:

Dina Tokio, a British beauty vlogger who uses her interview series “#YourAverageMuslim” to challenge perceptions about Muslim women; L-Fresh the Lion, an Australian rapper of Sikh descent, who created a two-part track to challenge racism; and Rosianna Rojas who in partnership with the United Nations Refugee Agency traveled to a remote area of Colombia to document stories about refugees.

By promoting those YouTubers that use their platform for promoting social good VIRTUE,  YouTube empowers the work their CREATORS FOR CHANGE ambassadors are doing online and off.

Over the next few months, the 2018 CREATORS FOR CHANGE Ambassadors will kick off projects addressing hate speech, xenophobia and/or extremism through different creative forms, such as a series celebrating the Black community within Brazil and a video project that creates awareness about the negative impact that hate speech can have on mental and physical well-being. There are many more incredible ideas in the making and we can’t wait to share more from these inspiring YouTube role models soon.

Show your teenagers these videos and encourage them to create quality content to inspire others.

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Your strength is your voice. Use it!