INSTAGRAM HOMES: @marceletcapucine

I discovered Leyre (@marceletcapucine) through her handmade beautiful clothes , but I have to say, when I saw her house in instagram, I completely fell in love with it: an old house with super high ceilings, wooden beams and the most amazing stairs I have seen in a real house in a long time.

Leyre is a Spanish journalist that has been living in France with her family for more than 11 years now.

There, thanks to a present from her mum: a sewing machine,  Marcel et Capucine was born.

Clothes and accessories handmade from natural materials (linen, organic cotton and merino wool), born from Leyre’s childhood memories and good taste: the radio on, the warmth of the kitchen and her mum knitting or sewing her a new dress.

Her house is like her garments: full of natural materials, basic colors and plenty of good taste and beauty.

What do you think about this old cabinet that was used before for storing plates and glashes? A beautiful piece of furniture  comimng from her mother in law that she has customised. Is  not to fall in love with?

I specially like how she uses the color in her house: an elegant touch of blue surrounded by whites and the wooden tones of the furniture.

Leyre’s home is another proof that less is more and that houses has to be made and decorated for living and enjoying life, not as a mere display.

One of the things that I really like is her TV stand., including it as part of the decoration. Let’s face it: although most of us, would love to hide it within a beautiful piece if furniture or change it for a screen and a projector, the television is part of our life (still). The best solution is to include it as part of the decoration, giving it a space around and other decoration pieces to change the center of attention.

Do you like her house as much as I do? If you did not know @marceletcapucine  and you happen to have children with ages between 0 and 4 years old (your own, part of your family or from friends), go and visit her shop and enjoy her special and beautiful garments and accessories.

And of course, follow her through her IG account @marceletcapucine, full of inspiration. Do not forget the amazing stairs!


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