INSTAGRAM HOMES: @wunderblumen

Are you a fan of white walls or do you prefer colors and prints?

I have to admit it, I am completely in love with colorful walls and beautiful wallpaper, but I´ve never brave enough to go away from the existent white walls in my apartments. Every time I move, I get inspiration from here and there, but never accomplish my wish.

Today I want to show you the beautiful home of @wunderblumen, one of this people with courage enough to paint her walls and with a inspiring beautiful style. One of this accounts to be followed. Do you want to take a peek?

@wunderblumen is Daniela´s instagram account, a mum of 3 beautiful girls that lives in the north of Germany. Her account if full of flowers, colorful doors, her girls outfits and snapshots of her inspiring home.

Believe it or not, I found her through one of the most beautiful lamps I have seen lately, the kovac lamp , and the wallpaper that was pairing it, make me stay with her for the days to come.

If you are wondering which paper it is, I introduce you to the Raphäel blue wallpaper from the Swedish brand Sandberg.  I have a room that will be very happy to be dressed by it.

The blue of the wallpaper is the color that dress the rest of the living room where scandinavian pieces share the space with prints and cushions following the same shades.

I really like the collection of white porcelain displayed in the String shelf. A fresh hint of “colour” to the room.

Daniela mixes different furniture with lots of style: old and new, wood and textiles. All in soft pastel colors, like this chair from Muuto, another favorite that we share.

I also like how she introduces flowers and nature into her home, through bouquets, garlands or simple decorations. It is like dressing the house for the season.

Sometimes we do not realise how small changes can transform a room. We do not always need to spend money to refresh our house, just being a bit creative and losing the fear to try and change, we can give a new look to our home.

Her bedroom is simple but welcoming. I really need new linen bedding for mine. It is true that the wooden floors from the North of Europe make everything much more inviting, but you have to admit it, now you would love to cross the screen and lay down there with a magazine to read.

Her girls bedroom follow the same idea: pastel colors, selected furniture that makes a statement and few prints here and there that refresh the room.

And finally I really like her kitchen. It is not new and fancy but oldie with a little twist given by the string shelves, the pottery and the decoration, like the donna wilson plates in the walls.

Another instagram home full of details, great taste, colors and flowers. Another favorite.


Other inspiring home: @overtheocean

All pictures come from @wunderblumen instagram account