Le Guide Déco by The Socialite Family, best deco guide for contemporary families

After months of thinking, writing and selecting pictures, The Socialite Family have launched its first book, Le Guide Déco by The Socialite Family.

The Socialite Family is a website created only four years ago by Constance Gennari. This web offers a new perspective on home design and the lifestyle of contemporary families. For me It’s a must!

The blog takes its name from socialites, people who successfully divide their time between their professional careers, traveling schedules and families. Whether in Paris, London, New York or Milan, these families all share their unique vision on how to harmonize family life and interior design.

The Socialite Family interprets the new codes of decoration and furniture, and brings together a broad community of devotees all over the world.

Le Guide Déco by The Socialite Family is a neo-directory which reviews the new codes of decoration through the rooms of our homes and the iconic pieces of furniture of our generation. The spaces are changing and less and less standardised.

Le Guide Déco by The Socialite Family is a manifesto and an ode to daring.

It takes its inspiration from the huge resources that are the contemporary families everyday. The families that do things like no other and challenge the codes of decoration. A tremendous story of discoveries and legacy which comes alive throughout 256 pages.

In The Socialite Family first book  you will find lots of inspirations, pieces of advice but also focuses on design furniture, without forgetting the good places and references to find your dream furniture and accessories.


Le Guide Déco by The Socialite Family is the bible of deco inspiration for contemporary families.

Are you looking for inspiration to deco your home? Do you look for inspiration for families with unique way of life? The Socialite Family draw their inspirations, their discoveries and their ideas for living in an inspiring and audacious setting.


Let us give you an advice: never copy, look for inspiration and be yourself.


“I aspire to fuel your imagination with my own interpretation of the interior atmosphere created by each family I meet, from Paris, New York to Milan … or elsewhere in the world.Constance Genari

You can order Le Guide Déco by The Socialite Family online at their e-shop. I have just order my copy.

But note, It´s only available in French!. Although all the images are so awesome that we think the language doesn’t matter 😉

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