Today we post a great discovery we made during last Christmas: Pinja’s home.

Pinja is a Finnish designer, blogger and mom that shows her point of view about life style, colors, design, home decor, and of course, cool kids’ stuff.

When families grow, their houses change. There are two types of family houses with kids. There are families that live in a house in an absolute chaos and families that make their houses grow at the same speed of kids.

Just take a look at the photographs and you will know which type it is Pinja’s home.

01 cuteandkids - colour pinja

We don’t need to explain nothing about this house, photographs do it. Maybe the best thing, it is that in ten years, this house will be completely different. Just as Pinja’s girls will be.

02 cuteandkids - colour pinja

04 cuteandkids - colour pinja

05 cuteandkids - colour pinja

06 cuteandkids - colour pinja

Pinjacolada is one of those blogs that shows very interesting content and also, and maybe this is more difficult, it shows its owner life style.

And we love it!

07 cuteandkids - colour pinja


All photos taken by Pinja.

Kiitos Pinja!