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Today’s house is full of diy and good ideas. I really love when people is capable to mix and match vintage pieces with design and ikea furniture. It makes houses more liveable and as Lorenzo Meazza would say, Ikea is like parsley. It matches with almost everything.

Welcome to @maiju_saw’s house, Finnish blogger, mum of two kids and another one it its way.

Maiju Saha is the owner of one of my favourite Finnish deco blogs: Maiju Saw. In her blog, she combines diy and pictures of her own house with inspiration from other people’s houses, always with a Scandinavian style, but without falling into the plain minimalism. All pictures she shares are from houses full of life (and children around)

She is living at the moment in an old wooden house, although they are planning to move soon with the arrival of the new member of the family. Looking forward to see how she will transform the new place.

The house is full of vintage touches, like the old fireplaces in almost every room, the wooden floors painted in white and the mouldings in the walls, but she is able to add modern touches here and there through the lamps, furniture of simple lines and the decoration.

As an example, I really like the idea of the lamps on top of the kitchen cabinets and the unusual color used in the kitchen.

She uses color without fear. From the green sofa, to the terracotta cupboard in the children’s room, that I personally love.

(Pssh: Have you seen the wall to wall cupboards in the living room? They seem as vintage as the house, but it is another of their diy: the cheapest Ikea kitchen cabinets, some wooden frames and lots of paint and voilá, plenty of storage space available)

The children’s room is really an inspiration for every mum (and child). Their new diy bunkbed (in featured image) is not only practical, but very, very beautiful. Made using some Ikea drawers as a base, you can find the step by step in this post of her blog.

And last but not least, their bedroom. Simple and welcoming with some IKEA painted furniture and a Boucheroutie rug that I am completely in love with.

A lovely house and a lovely family, don’t you think so? Don’t forget to visit her blog.

I have always liked how a pair of buckets of paint can change everything. I suppose I have to start aplying that idea to my own home.

Thanks @maiju_Saw for being such an inspiration.

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