Muhammed Najem


Our kids are very lucky. They are growing up full of love and in a secure social environment.

We try to teach them everyday how lucky  we are and to show them that other kids are living a different life than them. A life where there are wars, poverty and serious difficulties to keep them alive.

For us, it is difficult to imagine that situation. We live in a HOME, we can have a shower every day, we have three main meals every day, and the best that life can offer.

Discovering Muhammed’s Najem story has been like opening a big window to other reality. Close to us. A story told by a teenager boy, not an adult.

There are many ways to add value to a selfie. For example, my eldest daughteris using them in TIPTOP, a social media focused on music and selfies. On the other side, Muhammad uses his selfies to document the Syrian war sorrounding him, his family and his friends.

Muhammad, a fifteen years old teenager, began tweeting about the war in December by sharing footage of missile attacks and images of children who sustained bombing injuries.

There are many journalists that are disputing the veracity of this testimony, but I prefer to think that he is honest. I prefer to think that his tweets are a call to the world: “Wake up, we are dying!”

“The world has forgotten us. They are watching us die of hunger and bombing. Look at this destruction… We live today in the twenty-first century. Help us and don’t be like the rest of the world.”

This boy deserves an opportunity, I wish, in the future, he can go to the university and become a journalist.

Thanks Muhammed for using your selfies to show us another raw reality and for putting Damasco and the real problem of Syrian people once again on the world-wide map. 

“We are killed by your silence, Bashar al-Assad, Putin, and Khamenei killed our childhood.” Muhammad Najem

His selfies are acts of resistance.

We can say it loudly but not stronger. 

Stop wars. 

You can follow him in twitter.