NURSERY WORKS – Coolest cribs ever

Gradient Crib- Coolest crib ever- Seen in CuteandKids blog

I am sure that this is one of the coolest cribs you have seen ever. The GRADIENT crib by Nursery works seems to be in continuous movement, like made of waves instead of Maple hardwood.

NURSERY WORKS is a company that collaborates directly with interior designers that try to go beyond the “baby world”. Their designs are stunning and in most of the cases the cribs can be transformed in another cool piece of furniture that can live in the family for ever.

Like the HIGHLIGHT crib, that becomes an adult-size desk when the baby does not fit anymore.

HIghlight crib transforms into a desk - Seen in Cute and Kids blog

3. Highlight Desk conversion_seen in cuteandkids blog

But my favorite is the NOVELLA crib with a timeless modern design that becomes first a toddler bed and afterwards a daybed or an astonishing reading nook that I would love for my own home.

Novella crib - Seen in Cute and Kids blog

Novella crib turn into a reading nook - Seen in CuteandKids blog

I told you, the coolest cribs ever.