PALINDROME – cardboard toys and accessories


A palindrome is “a word which reads the same backward as forward, such as madam or racecar” says Wikipedia.

For me Palindrome  is a collaboration between Elena Bergamini and Roberta Errani. Two graphic designers, both living in Emilia Romagna, Italy, who decided to create this new Brand last year. They play with their imagination creating new cardboard toys and accessories. 

Why Palindrome then? As Roberta and Elena told me “because we are different but linked to a new (for us) path, a common plan, which often leads us to share, shift viewpoints and find new solutions”.

Their project started from the common need to create objects which could be simple but original at the same time. They do that by creating things with minimal forms when possible that can be embellished with some illustrations. They do not have a leading style. Their collection may seem a bit schizophrenic. It comes from a vintage style, an essential and almost typographical line, up to decorative elements, a little crazy. They mainly develop carboard projects, essentialy because it is light but resistant to compression and aesthetic. But they are developing new collections and using different materials. cardboard-toys-PALINDROME-seen-cuteandkids-blog

ALPHABET WALL: The Alphabet Wall is a project designed for kids but which can also meets adults’ taste. With its carboard “soul”  and its graphic impact, it gives character to your house. The alphabet can be placed on the walls with custom compositions or as a complete alphabet for children to play. Each letter is 11.5 cm high and 1.6 cm thick.


MILKY WAY: Wall decoration in cardboard Reboard to create a dreamy constellation. Kit of 6 stars. Your kids will love to have this little stars on their wall, they will bring the magic in their room!


METEREOPATICI – GAME BOARD: The games of Checkers and Nine Men’s Morris are hereby reinterpreted in a “meteoropathic” key. Board games for children and adults.


TANGRAM:  Tangram is a Chinese board game here reinterpreted in a more engaging way. This TANGRAM grows in size and becomes more “physical”, allowing you to play using your arms, on a table or lying on the ground with friends racking your brains for creating new forms. It is entirely made of cardboard, it measures 60×60 cm and comes with a carrying bag with rope handles that allow us to easily carry it like a bag.

PENSIERINI: Pensierini means ‘small thoughts’ in Italian. Lovely cloud producted in double-face cardboard: on one side they are blackboards on which it will be possible to write down their own thoughts, on the other side they are decorated with cute illustrations.

STUFFED ANIMALS: 3D wall decorations featuring stuffed animals with an ironic approach. Available in pir or frog character.

They also produce lovely ALPHABET LETTERS: A whole alphabet that will enable you to tell and fill the space in your own way.
With these movable letters you can tell the story you want as they can turn into coffee tables, side tables, solutions for exhibitions and so on.
The living space can be seen as a blank page: the letters can refer to the initial of a name or to an encrypted message or even to a sound that warms the heart
Essential pieces of furniture, able to “talkand designed with passion, which will fill the air.
All letters of the Alphabet are made of cardboard, assembled like a jigsaw puzzle.
They come in brown or white colour, but they can be customized (it is possible to print directly on the cardboard).

I hope you like these selection of products as much as I do! Don’t forget that they are not just nice to see. They are recyclable, they are lightweight, washable and very durable! You can have a look at their website but also at their Facebook page and Instagram Account in order to be updated with all the upcoming events and new collections.