PARTY – The new collection from Amayadeeme

If you are like me, the type of person that is always looking for something special to decorate the little ones’ bedroom (or no so little). If you like blogs, instagram and Pinterest, I am sure you already know Amayadeeme.

Amaya just launch her new collection: Party and once more I have absolutely fell in love. Her illustrations are simple, but dreamy, the kind that children and mums like alike. They are not cheesy and fit perfectly in every room and almost with every decoration style. I am sure you will want one after reading this post.

I met Amaya long time ago, when she was sharing her glazed cookies in her old blog: Dulce Merceditas.

I am not the “cookie type of girl”, but I fell in love with her illustrations and the stories she was able to create with just some cookies and edible pens.

Luckily, Amaya opened a online shop with other products rather than cookies: prints, cushions, cups, storage boxes or t-shirts are just some of the canvas she uses for her illustrations.

Among my favourites from all times are the giraffe, her bunnies coming out of the hat or the forest bears. And without being animals, I am in love with her girls , magical creatures even when you cannot see her faces.

I admit it. I have seen them thousands of times everywhere: instagram, pinterest and even deco magazines but I still find them beautiful and special. I am not tired of them at all.

In her new collection, Party, Amaya leaves the monochrome and the pen for watercolors and paster colors. Animals and fruits with their best costume, ready for a party or any other story that you and your children can imagine.

They are all so beautiful that I would not know which to choose. And you?
Visit her shop and do not miss her inspiring  instagram