Beautiful kids wear campaign| ZARAKIDS swimwear SS19


One of my late pleasures is shooting with my camera or with the iPhone.

But I am not a photographer, I am only a mum, a daughter, a friend… someone with a photographic eye that is learning and maturing every day. I enjoy capturing every day moments of my family and friends.

This is why I went into “shock” when I came accross this beautiful fashion kids wear campaign: FIRE HYDRANT, swimwear collection ZARA KIDS SS19.

I cannot stop looking at every image once and again, admiring the beautiful kidswear campaign and observing how each image made me feel.

But, wait a moment… who has taken the pictures? Who is the fashion photography art director?

Can you feel the hot air?

Can you hear the shoes splashing on the puddles of water?

Can you hear the cries of joy mixed with the water that splashes everything?

Can you hear the childish laughter that floods everywhere?

Can you smell the moisture in the air?

Can you feel the happiness?

Can you resist the temptation of buying all the swimsuits, even if maybe you are not a mum or a dad?

FIRE HYDRANT swimwear capsule collection, ZARA KIDS SS19 is one of the most beautiful campaigns I have ever seen.

Absolutely gorgeous photography.

From here I want to make a call to ZARA KIDS and to any other brand:

Please, credit the work of each photographer, of each stylist, of the art director.

Every professional counts.

It is important to credit every professional that contributes to the success of a project, being it a brand or a fashion campaign.

Because a good image is the reason why we are moved to your online shop.

Please if you happen to know who shooted this kids wear campaign let me know because we would love to credit her/him.


This astonishing kids wear campaign has been shooted by Melissa Adams, photographer behind HELM&ANCHOR.

Well done! Congrats! We are big, big fans!