A creative father taking photographs: Toyokazu Nagano

I love photography, because with the past of the years, it becomes a important part of my memory history. Family portraits are a good way to keep snapshots of our everyday life.

I’m a proud father of two little girls and when I try to remember when my kids were younger, the first images that come to my mind are those who has been immortalized in photographs. Through them, I can even smell and feel  the same that in those happy moments.

This is one of the reasons I am always looking for creative parents taking pictures of their kids. They inspire me but also made me laugh and smile at the same time. Recently I run into the Japanese photographer Toyokazu Nagano, who takes cute photos of his daughter Kanna.


If I have to choose one of  Toyokazu Nagano´s projects, I’d choose MAGIC ROAD. I really enjoy every photo, full of  creativity and fun.

Each picture has been taken on the same road, with little Kanna giving the best of her, completely involved in the project. The process for making these magic moments is as follows: Toyokazu comes up with a concept, then he creates outfits and props for Kanna to wear and use. After the prep work is complete, father and daughter hit  the “magic road” and Toyokazu creates the magic with his camera.



“When I started, I was taking photos with a camera in order to keep family memories, but I now take photos to create family memories.” Toyokazu Nagano said.


Toyokazu is not the first dad taking cute photos of his daughter. A while ago, the Internet has been buzzing with Kayla and Kristin, photographed by their dad Jason Lee.

Looks like this new generation will have the best childhood photo albums ever! We are not so creative, but we try to keep as much family epic moments in paper or digital format, so we will be able to bring back memories of them whenever we want.


Visit Toyokazu Nagano official website and just enjoy it!.

These series not only capture the talent of a photographer, but also tells a heart-warming story of the special relationship between a father and his daughter.