LITTLE ASTRONAUT photo project

In CUTEANDKIDS we love father (or mother) and son (or daughter) photo projects. Our last discovery is SMALL STEPS ARE GIANT LEAPS,  a LITTLE ASTRONAUT photo project made by Aaron Sheldon and his 4-year-old son.

The project is about reminding parents that to our kids, this is a new and exciting world just waiting to be explored.”


“I had the idea for “Small Steps Are Giant Leaps” while I was riding the bus with my three year old son. What was a normal, everyday event to me had him completely transfixed. Seeing that look of amazement on his face at something so commonplace really struck me. I realized that my son is an explorer, and the world I take for granted, to him, is an amazing place filled with new sites and experiences.

I knew that I wanted to somehow document his journey of exploration but had no idea how I was going to do it.  Later that same week, he got an ear infection and needed to go to the doctor’s office. Unlike most three-year-olds, my son loves the doctor’s office – every part that is except for the exam table. My son had two fears: hand dryers and exam tables,” explains Sheldon, “and I was continually trying to find ways to help him face and overcome his fears.”


On this latest trip to the doctor, they began discussing the kinds of people “brave enough” to sit on exam tables and then he asked

– “What about astronauts, Dad. Are they brave enough?”

The answer was a resounding yes, and after braving the exam table, Sheldon’s little boy said, “Next time I get sick, I can wear my astronaut helmet here and you can take a picture of me, right dad?”


“As my subject is a 4 year old, I can usually get him into the suit and to the site we are going to shoot but as soon as the helmet is on, he doesn’t take directions very well,” he tells to PetaPixel. “When I set up a shot, I try to keep other people out of the frame to show that these ‘little explorers’ are off in their own little world.”

“It has truly been a collaboration between he and I,” he continued. “[And] as we did more shoots, my son became more and more interested in space and now reads every space book we can put in front of him.”


Aaron Sheldon has launched a Kickstarter campaign to turn the images into a book and gallery show that share their journey.

My goal is that these images will remind other moms or dads out there who may be losing their patience in line at the grocery store or coffee shop that our kids aren’t just acting like fools – they are exploring new frontiers.

Our job as parents is to act as their mission control and co-pilot to make sure they can explore as much of their new world as possible.

To learn more about Small Steps are Giant Leaps or if you’d like to support the project, click here.

We really think this is one of the cutest  father – son love story we have ever seen before. This non verbal storytelling has touched our hearts. Thanks Aaron.