Numero 74 factory in Thailand by Sophia Jansson

Numero 74 is a world-wide known brand of homeware, toys, clothing and vintage furniture for children founded by Poupy Sfez and Nancy Fanton in early 2009.

Recently I found an awesome,  inspiring photo essay of the manufacturing process of their textile collection, made in Chiang Mai -Thailand. Photographs, made by the talented photographer Sophia Jannson aka Sophia Mokkasin, left me speechless. Discover the numero 74 factory in Thailand through Sophia Jansson magical photos.


The ethical creations of Numero 74 are made to enjoy the beauty and joy in everyday life.

numero 74 is based in Italy. They produce unique handmade pieces and limited editions of children’s bedroom decoration, The collection is ethically handmade in Thailand by communities of self-managed women, heirs of their ancestral knowledge.

The vintage kids furniture is gathered all around the world by Poupy and Nancy.  As the result of a dream and the magic of beautiful encounters, numero 74 offers the taste of freedom and authenticity through timeless and unique creations, handmade with love.

Every collection is produced in noble, natural materials and in particular shades, unique to the brand: at the same time bright, subtle and very soft.

Sophia Jansson’s photo-essay shows the almost meditative mood in the factory. People smiling, talking softly and looking with love what they are doing. We can feel through the pictures the incredible responsibility that they feel for every little detail .


I always knew Numero 74 makes their products by hand and everything is done with pure love. But after yesterday, handmade and everything about running a business in the right way, was given a completely different meaning for me. Sophia Jansson

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If you want to discover numero 74 latests news, don´t miss their instagram account. numero 74 does not have an online shop, but you can buy their items through a large list of retailers. 


numero 74 is the kind of brand I fall in love once and again, season after season. A brand that stays true to its values, innovative, always away from copy cats.

I love it and I know you will too.

“We make sure they earn a living wage and that their cultural traditions are respected, encouraged and honored while providing a sustainable, regular and flexible employment allows them to work in harmony. Products are made with time and care, by loving hands for children’s happiness, in a vision of mutual benefit”. numero 74

I really like watching my kids playing with their cute number 74 pink teepee. I can feel how they let their imagination fly, while the soft breeze touches their faces. I love the idea that all the textile items produced by numero 74 are made in a factory like this, there is so much love and warmth in the air at this factory, including everything and everyone.

I love the idea that all products are made by loving hands for children’s happiness.


All the stunning photos are made by Sophia Jansson