PLAYFUL KIDS FURNITURE designed by students

Last Milan fair gave us many surprises with new products directed towards the children’s world. We love PLAYFUL KIDS FURNITURE, not only made for kids but with the idea to be used by them, engaging their creativity and encouraging playfulness.

Students from Germany’s Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design have designed a range of playful furniture and lighting that includes: The Woken Up bed, Kipp and Clear table, The Wooden Make Way! bookshelf and the On/Off lantern.

The four-piece collection is based on typical nursery furniture, but with pieces transformed into the “material of imagination” and created to engage children in play.


We specially love the “make way” bookshelf.  It is not an ordinary bookshelf, It comes with a range of removable sections that double up as building blocks or even as ramps for cars


There is plenty of room for imagination and creativity in this series of furniture, and the fact that it has been created ‘by kids‘ make it even more special.

The collection was shown during Milan design week, from 12 to 17 April 2016. Design for children was one of the key trends at this year’s Milan design week.