PRETTY MINI CLOWNS |a charity project

PRETTY MINI CLOWNS is the last collaboration between PRETTY PEGS, MINI EMPIRE and MINIROOM, for the non profit organisation CLOWNS WITHOUT BORDERS. This NGO offers hope, laughter and dreams to children in refugee camps all over the world.

The collection consists of a paper doll and a limited collection of hand-painted replaceable furniture legs from PRETTYPEGS.


Every year over one hundred clowns, jugglers, acrobats and musicians travel to some of the world’s most difficult places to bring hope and joy.

CLOWN WITHOUT BORDERS helps to transform places of emocional suffering into celebrations of laughter, joy and hope, making people start living again.



PRETTY MINI CLOWNS is a beautiful handpainted limited edition with a beautiful proposal. An unique collection for a good cause.


JUMPING JAQUE!  is a paper doll to decorate your wall that comes as a DIY kit. Love it!