@Reikan_Creations – Natura Insects Series

Are you passionate about animals? And flowers?

Today we show you an instagram account of someone that is able to create amazing animals using flowers, leaves and plants. Someone that believes in creativity and the benefits that can come with it.

Let us introduce you to @reikan_creations.



Raku Inoue is a multi media designer that tired of forcing his creativity into the demands of his ad agency customers, found a way to stretch his own imagination through beautiful insects and animals inspired by the Ikebana art.

What started as a way to organise his thoughts at the beginning of every morning, turned into a beautiful series of insects made from whatever he can find in his garden.



Pinecones, leaves, sticks, flowers or even ice. His materials change as the season does, making the process much more creative every step of the way.

Raku thinks about the shape of what he is going to create before starting and then forage his garden for the components of the art piece.

His work is so amazing and the creativity flows so well when it is not constraint to a budget or to other people ideas, that he has started to receive marketing projects based in his way of seeing life.



You can see how he creates his pieces in the following video.



Maybe it can inspire you and your children for starting a new project together while you enjoy nature. If you do it, we will want to see it.