Town and Concrete: architecture from a children’s mind

When children start drawing, everything seems possible for them. Until an adult says this is not ok, the skies are pink, the trees have the shape of a square or the houses are made of balloons, fruits or geometric shapes.

I am sure that Cyril Lancelin had a happy chilhood and nobody told him: this is not ok!. At least his work is here to show us that everything, absolutely everything, is possible if you can imagine it (and you have the knowledge and the know-how)

Cyril designs buildings made of spheres, tubes or any geometric shape you can imagine.

He uses unusual materials in his installations, like blocks with the shape of a fruit or inflable polimers.

We discovered him through one of his latest installations, an itinerant pyramid made of pink gum balloons that can be rented for events and festivals. It is really amazing, but believe me, any of his works is so amazing that it is difficult to be  indifferent

Just come and see!