My name is Ara and I feel guilty of having filled my life with plastic.

Yes, I’ve been doing it for a long time. I have been gradually replacing responsible habits with others that apparently made my life easier but are proving lethal to our environment. And I was not aware.

Plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade, a silent enemy that slipped into our lives and we do not know how to deal with it now.

The sea gives me life, if I think about my moments of happiness they are almost always associated with family moments and many of them near the sea.

“LA MAR”, this is the way Galician sailors call it, those who respect it, those who fear it because it sometimes costs them their lives.

“LA MAR”, the only female character in one of my favorite books: THE OLD AND THE SEA, by Ernest Hemingway. That’s the way how Santiago, the protagonist of the book, called her.

To that blue sea, full of life and that gives us so much peace when we contemplate the coming and going of the waves with its rhythm or with its maximum bravery, there are people who are dedicated to returning their trash, mostly plastic that is degrading and altering our ecosystem. Plastic that confuses the species that feed on it unconsciously.

The images and videos that arrive through press or RRSS are chilling. Who would think that some people saw in our sea an endless well to store their waste?

Thanks to the outreach work of many people like María Cañal, or Jon Kortajarena through his INSTAGRAM STORIES and many others, I have decided to incorporate small changes in my consumption habits:

  • I use a metallic reusable bottle and so I avoid throwing away plastic bottles every day.
  • Arrivederci plastic straws. Hello metallic straws.
  • have reduced the number of plastic bags and I try to carry cloth bags to go shopping.
  • I buy fruit and vegetables without bagging whenever I can.
  • I try (although I do not always get it) to make a more responsible consumption.

This is the beginning towards a more sustainable life and more consistent with the world that I want to leave to my daughters.

And also, clean on the beach what you leave: cigarette butts, plastic bottles, empty cans, and plastic debris that the sea returns to us, because he does not know what to do with them.

At the moment I have not been able to remove all the plastic of my life, I do not intend it, but I think that many small gestures can achieve great changes. Better together.

If you know someone who pours their waste into the sea, complaint.

f you find trash or waste on the coast or in rivers this summer, pick them up.

It’s summer, the perfect time to enjoy the coast and all its kindness wherever we spend our vacations. It’s summer, the perfect occasion to start making small gestures and take care of our planet.

Greta Thunberg has warned us. We are still on time to avoid disaster.

Let’s take care the earth.

Let’s take care of our oceans.

It is our responsability.