5 creative ways to build a story with children

This weekend was raining non stop. We planned visits to the Supermarket and to a near Science Museum, but many other parents planned the same and we felt stuck and bored.

This morning I decided to plan ahead for the next “boring” weekend. Boredom is needed and sometimes it is the first step to unveiled creativity, but it is better if you have a threat to follow, an idea to plant in your children minds. So, here my 5 ideas to build a fantastic and creative story with your children.

1. USE TRACING PAPER to create different stages of a story that can be unveiled while you turn the page , like this story book from the illustrator Rachel Katstaller.

You can start from the end and if there are more than one children playing, one can continue the story that the first has started.

  1. Build stories around MAGAZINES SCRAPS, like this Combinophy series by graphic designer Cristiana Costin.

It is amazing what children can do if they are free to create without the boundaries of the real world. Let them “build in thin air”, build new stories with their imagination.

  1. Build a story of a LANDSCAPE, like these beautiful books by Emily Rand. You can start in the sea, in a garden or in a city and explore your landscape page by page, from smaller to bigger.


I really like the idea of exploring with them a city, a mountain or a forest using different shapes, sizes and techniques.

  1. Build a simple pop-up (or complicated) according to their age and cutting skills, like this illustrated pop-up by Jordan Grace Owens

I am in love with pop up books and to the new words that unveiled when paper is folded, cut or changed in different shapes and volumes.

  1. BUILD A CARDBOARD FRIEND like these beautiful creatures by BLANCA HELGA

You only need a piece of cardboard, color papers, tissue, markers and whatever you can find forgotten at the bottom of the drawers.

5 easy ideas for a rainy afternoon. Let’s create stories that build pretty moments worth to be remembered.

[This post was published for the first time on March 7th, 2017 ]