5 funny things to do with kids in summertime

Today we show you any funny things to do with kids in summertime. Enjoy them!

1 -Let their imagination runs! Give them sardine or tuna can, and encourage them to make their own dioramas.

2 – Watch together the sky by night to discover all the stars and constellations, and then make with them this candy constellation game.

3 –  Your girls will love this DIY watermelon print tote bag.

4 – Adopt a bird, and try to DIY this milk carton bird house feeders.

5 – It’s raining ourside? Organize a Party pop-corn for your littles. This Party pop-corn will catch your kids eyes.

And an extra one, give your kids time to be lazy, extra time to enjoy of a lazy summer. Let them simply joy of not having so much to do.

Xo, the cuteandkids team