easy and funny DIY for kids: make colorful sculptures with pasta

Autumn is almost here and It´s time to search for activities indoor, to entertain our kids. We are always seeking for activities that awake our child’s curiosity and stimulate their creativity. Today we share with you an easy and funny DIY for kids. Turn everyday objects in art!

Continuous reading to see how to made this colorful pasta sculptures that look like pieces of art.


We discovered this awesome DIY at hello, Wonderful a blog about crafts we love! Don´t miss it and press here to discover another creative arts and crafts projects with pasta.

Getting creative doesn’t need to cost an amount of money. Your kids’ imagination is the limit.

You need these materials, almost all of them are everyday objects: different shapes of dried pasta, paint, paint brushes, pipe cleaners, a kickstand made of wood, or why not to made one from mud or clay? And a drill to make the holes.


And if you want extra fun, you can try to easy dye your own pasta, have a look!


Please visit the original post to follow the how-to and enjoy with this easy and funny DIY for kids .

Creative arts activities can help children develop in a litany of ways by building critical thinking skills, strengthening problem-solving abilities, stimulating imagination and more.

We promise to try this DIY as soon as the weather get worse, (fortunately we have still good weather at our city).

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Dare to encourage your kids to make theirs.

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All the images are from hello Wonderful