Instant comfort pocket boxes – Bright your kids day!


Everyone needs to feel protected and loved, specially the kids, at least mine. I am a mom of two little girls, and they are always looking for  cuddless from mum, dad or whoever they have around, specialy the little one.

And I try to give ans show all my love through hugs, cuddless, knowing looks, winks, cooking for them their favorite meal, or simply listening to them -really paying to what they say and do … and now I have found a new way to show them my love for them: the instant comfort pocket boxes.

It is the little things in life what sometimes bring the greatest consolation. The instant comfort pocket boxes by Dutch illustrator Kim Welling will surely bring a smile to your kids face!



Instant comfort pocket boxes were created by Kim Welling, an extraordinaire illustrator and arts teacher living with her love M, their son J and pet rabbit Seb- and working in Ilpendam (a little town just above Amsterdam, the Netherlands).

Kim works for a diverse group of clients from magazines to clothing labels, events and cultural and social foundations and she has also created this kind of tiny boxes. Would you like to hear how she cAme up with the idea? Then,  press here. 



The name came to me while driving home from work, what I needed was Instant Comfort, in the shape of a box you can put in your pocket: The Instant Comfort Pocket Boxes !

-Kim Welling.

These tiny boxes hold a big surprise inside that comes in the form of a 3D illustration and a comforting message that reminds someone how wonderful he/she really is in times of need.

But for sure, this is not only for kids, this is a good idea for adults also. You can even lend it to a friend when they need to be cheer up themselves.


With her handmade illustrated goodies, Kim Welling is spreading the world with smiles and lots of positive vibes!

We really love the wonderful spirit of the instant comfort pocket boxes.



If you are more into creating your own little comfort moment, consider the DIY comfort box kit  or get the free template to make your own instant comfort pocket boxes here. But if you prefer to buy them, you can visit Kim Little Monsters ETSY shop  where  you can even custom your text. 

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