OMY – Paint and Enjoy

Do you like to color? I love it. Watercolors, felt pens, color pencils or even with chalk in the floor. Fun and so creative!

What if I told you, that you can have a gigantic coloring sheet that you would love to hang in your children’s room or even in your living?. Let’s talk about OMY – Design and Play.


OMY has cool coloring books in different sizes, but if you go for something bigger, then you have to know their posters and XXL posters. Could you imagine how many hours of fun this means?


And no, I am not talking about boring drawings to color. They have maps of cities and countries with funny and cool illustrations.

You can teach geography to your children or travel without moving from the floor of your house. You can even plan your next trip with their pocket maps. You can customise them not only with colors, but also with stickers, so you will not miss a thing.



You can even organise the perfect party with their party products, starting with invitations, coloring placemats for every guest, but even paper cups and plates and amazing balloons! Isn’t that cool?


And their last launch is textile accessories that can be colored: backpacks, belly packs, coloring belts to keep their colors at hand and pouches to keep them safe and sound when they finish.



Don’t you love them? I do.

And do you know what more I love? Their tutorials for learning how to color with different color materials? Markers, watercolors or even black and white. Don’t miss them!