Cute linen handmade dolls & home goods by Kathryn Davey

Love at first sight!

Kathryn Davey makes beautiful handcrafted linen dolls  with their chic, simple and color-coordinated clothes ,which have stolen our heart!

Each doll comes with removable clothing: trousers, top, jacket, a headpiece and bag, all made from the highest quality, natural, sustainable and antique fibers and materials. All her production is made in Ireland with a whole lot of Love, Care & attention to detail by herself.


Have you seen this little bed? It’s made from pine and painted in soft pink, coming with organic cotton base & pillow.


Don’t miss this hand-stitched crown, suitable for a prince, a princess a king or a queen. It’ll brighten up your child’s creative play.


Kathryn Davey  is a mom who cares about the future of our children, and makes a conscious effort to create products from sustainable and non-toxic fibers. The high quality and excellent workmanship will make the items pass down from generation to generation.

Her wish is to provide for her daughters whilst living and perusing her craft. To show their daughters to peruse that which makes their souls come alive, no matter how difficult it may seem and to never give up.