DIY Carboard costumes by @zygote_brown

Halloween is around the corner and we are here looking for the perfect costume to wear. 

If you, like me, are looking for a fun costume that does not make them sweat after 3 minutes running around and they can use once and again, then you should come and see @zygote_brown cardboard costumes.

Your kids will be the sensation of the night and of many other days to come.


DIY Frankestein costume


Alicia Brown is the cool mum behind @zygote_brown. She started making costumes and toys for his kids, as she realised that the toys that there were part of their imagination games were too expensive and easy to replicate.

Alicia, as me, cannot see a “perfectly beautiful crisp cardboard box” be thrown away. 

I love working with cardboard cos it’s free and so versatile. There is so much more to cardboard than one use. It has so much to give. All it needs is some imagination. I do make other things for them that are not cardboard but it just seems that I always return to cardboard.


Dinosaur cardboard head


Maybe you are thinking that all these costumes are very difficult to built, but this is why @zygote_brown is so cool. Alicia offers the template ready to download in her blog and all the instructions you need to have one (or many) of the costumes in the time that you can say one, two, three.

DIY Cardboard spaceship


Now you only need to choose one and go for it. We would love to see how it turns out.

You can follow the link to the blog post under each imagine to go directly to the instructions and the template download or visit @zygote_brown blog and choose yourself.


Carboard Brickhead diy


We are right now choosing between the dinosaur and the Frankestein head for my eldest son, but the little one has his ideas very clear: he really needs this firefighter helmet.


firefighter helmet diy