Guess who is who was one of my favorite games when I was little. I spent hours trying to guess the character the other player had chosen.

Is it a boy or a girl? Has he blue eyes? Is she wearing a hat?

This easy diy will take it back for you and your children. Do you want to try?

We’ve found this idea in Lovely Indeed blog, and yes, their idea and illustrations are for a movie night with Wes Anderson stories, but it could be done with any illustrations you have at home.

Cut them from an old book or a children magazine, let your children illustrate them or use famuly pictures and then follow the step by step to have your own cutomised guess who is who game.


And why not? You can always watch Wes Anderson movies with your kids, so they can meet the characters of this diy.

We love Fantastic Mr. Fox. We read Road Dahl’s book long time ago, and although they were a little scared the first time, it is one of our favorite stories.

Moonrise Kingdom is one of these films that adolescents and grown-ups will like alike. So sweet, so crazy, with fantastic music and beautiful photography.

And although the rest of the movies can be difficult to understand for children under 16, who doesn’t want to revisit The Grand Hotel Budapest? I am still dreaming with the life in the grand old hotels.

Visit Lovely Indeed and let’s the game begin.


[This post was published for the fisrt time on September the 7th 2016]