EYES by Lucas Zanotto + EYEBOMBING the street art


Lucas Zanotto  a designer, animator and director, based in Helsinki that started the childrens app house YATATOY has just released a personal project entitled Eyes. We like every new project of Lucas Zanotto, we are a big fans!

In Eyes Zanotto explores the transformative effect that eyes can have on inanimate objects through a series of kinetic sculptures. Eyes is a continuation of the director’s previous project Having a Face which saw him entertaining similar visual puns.



These sculptures are hand-made and beautifully simplistic, made out of whatever happened to be lying around – ping pong balls, sheets of paper and paper plates. With sound design by David Kamp, the video is both humorous and endearing, highlighting how pleasing it can be when artists and designers are creatively playful.

Through simple and subtle movements, Zanotto conveys a series of complex human emotions such as the “it wasn’t me,” eye roll in the wake of a mysteriously knocked over plant.

Press PLAY and enjoy!

This artistic project have made me remind another act of creativity we enjoy doing together, as a family.

Have you ever felt like inanimate objects are watching you? It’s hilarious. This is thanks to a growing movement called EYEBOMBING. First time I heard about EYEBOMBING was in a post published by THE KIDS SHOULD SEE THIS. We love every new random act of creativity made by Nuria Pérez Paredes and her daughters.

Add googly eyes to something, create a face that wasn’t quite there before and awake your kids’ creativity! Join the EYEBOMBING movement!

The idea is to stick removable goggly eyes onto objects like parking meters and pipes, so they almost seem human.


Eyebombing in Bulgaria by Vanyu Krastev

EYEBOMBING is now gaining popularity on social media with the aim of trying to bring a little light relief to the world. Here  you can see another good examples of EYEBOMBING street art.

There’s a Googly Eyes Foundation. Supposedly they will even send you free googly eyes.

My two littles love doing EYEBOMBING! Try this with your kids and join the EYEBOMBING movement!  This can be a good entertainment for a boring weekend or when you travel with your kids to another place.