KOLEKTO PLAY – Design building blocks

Travel, design and architecture are 2 of my passions. If we add Play to the equation we have KOLETKO PLAY, a very special series of wooden building blocks designed for kids of every age.



KOLEKTO is Eva Wandel, architect, Rikke Nogel, graphic deseigner and Madan Oli, the carpenter that transform their dreams and designs in something that everyone can have at home.

Their “toys” can perfectly be part of  anyone’s  decoration when they are not in the hands of the little ones.

KOLETKO blocks are inspired by the city landscapes of some emblematic cities like London, Paris, Copenhagen or Aarhus, but children cand mix and match them to build the new cities of tomorrow.penhagen o Aarhus inspiran sus piezas.

Among KOLEKTO series there are wooden building blocks and birch plywood sheets, plain or painted in different colors that can be mix  to build landscapes never seen before.

The quality is superb so they can be shared among every member of the family and inherited among different generations.

An they are so stilish and simple that while they wait for their new owners to be born, they can be part of the decoration.  Don’t you think so?

In fact, KOLEKOT has some series oriented more to the grown up public, like artworks or lamps, but I am completely in love with their ballet series and I am already thinking where to place it in any of the shelves in my home.



What do you think? Do you like it?

I think that we can add KOLEKTO as onen of those perfect Christmas presents.