MACARENA BILBAO cute wooden dolls cribs

Macarena Bilbao is a talented Spanish designer . She creates treasures that please any child’s imagination:  washing machines, toy kitchens, toy cameras, dolls houses, kitchen utensils… and all handmade with love. Discover today her latest product, we are lease to introduce you these cute wooden dolls crib by Macarena Bilbao.


With a Computer Science degree, she reinvented herself to make a living out of what she really liked: design and build children furniture and toys. At the end of 2010, she built a toy kitchen for her kids, after posting it in her blog, orders started to arrive.

What initially was an entertainment, is now her passion, her way of living and a well-known brand. In 2013 she built her workshop, and now she exports her products internationally (worldwide, to more than 15 countries).


Her latest design is a beautifully handmade wooden toy crib for dolls. It swings and includes pine structure, mattress, duvet and pillow.

The crib is made with natural pine certified FSC wood  (Forest Stewardship Counsil) from monitored forests. The wood is cut, sand, shaped and painted by Macarena. Each piece is handmade personally for each client, so you only can buy them at Macarena Bilbao online shop.

Kids loves playing with dolls, and I think to play with dolls is more that just fun for kids. It helps them to develop fine-motor and cognitive skills.

When a boy or a girl plays with dolls, it expands their caring and nurturing skills. Children learn to be responsible for the well-being of their own baby as they practice caring for it, and this lays the foundation for careful, empathetic parenting when they are older.

Child and Youth Health advises:

“By playing out situations that have been stressful, children can learn to cope with their feelings. If you provide dolls or puppets, mud, paint and water, children can express their feelings through these.”


Macarena Bilbao designs are not only toys, but decorative pieces that can be placed anywhere at home.

Kids love playing with dolls and mums like to find beautiful wooden toys for them, like these cute wooden dolls crib by Macarena Bilbao.