MATERIA AMORIM – Cork for kids

I really love when a company tries to find new markets through design.

In 2009, AMORIM, one of the largest cork producer in the world, challenged EXPERIMENTADESIGN to look for new uses of such ancient material. This is how MATERIA AMORIM was born.

12 projects by 10 designers from which I have selected these 3, but I love them all.

BOTE, a bathtub toy for all their aquatic adventures.


FURO, a bowl for the living room or the office, that feels creative enough to turn into a drawing device.

And RUFO, the favorite toy for all the young percussionist of the world. All bam and no noise, as cork is one of the best acoustic insulators.

Something more for our wish list, for sure.




via: La Petite Alma