MIS AMIGOS DEL JARDIN: Your kid’s special friend

Last Friday, my eldest had a teddy bear party at school. He was quite nervous. He is a shy boy and knew that he had to introduce his toy to his school mates.

I had to convince him, but finally he reluctantly put his anteater, “Vader”, in his school bag. His teacher sent me a message later:

“You have the sweetest boy and he has the most beautiful teddy bear I’ve ever seen”.

Meet Vader, one of the special dolls from “Mis amigos del Jardín”

Mamen Viciana, fashion designer, is the person behind Mis amigos del Jardín. Everything started as a hobby, making dolls for her children with socks and old clothes outgrown from when they were babies. Every character came with a personality and a story, trying to turn into something good whatever worried her children.

Mamen wanted to highlight that being different is more than ok, that being different is important, special  and beautiful, nothing to be afraid or ashamed of.

This is how Pepe was born, a dachshund that always dressed upside down. People laugh at him, but he is ok with it because he finds it quite funny and always gives him luck. Or Dolly, a sheep with a pinky ball as a  belly button, something unique that no other person has, isn’t that amazing?

My friends gave Vader as a present to my son. They explained Mamen what he liked and part of his story as a very special boy and Mamen created the perfect doll for him, a boy that never wanted to sleep with one before.

They sent old beautiful socks belonging to their own children and the old clothes became part of his cape, a scarf or decoration in his beautiful Vader. 15 little stories linked to his’ forever.

What also make the dolls special is teh story that comes with them,  a story that it is a perfect match for his or her new little friend. They are also wrapped in the most beautiful bag I’ve ever seen, handstiched with their names.

I didn’t expect it, but it was love at first sight and they have been together ever since: every night, every travel, every day.

The other day he introduced it to his class. “This is Vader, he is my friend and he is a superhero. My mummy and her friends say that he is like me, because he is different, but he is special and a risk taker. And he always works hard to obtain what he wants. He is also shy, but today he wants to say hello”

The dolls from “Mis amigos del Jardín” are special because children feel that they are like them, with their differences and their tastes. And this is the beauty on them, that they turn into special what is different, a little change of words that means so much for some.

As they are completely made by hand, it takes a little while to have one, but believe me, it cannot be a better present for someone you love. We are the proof of it.