MODU- Imagine, Build and Play

Everybody knows that children love building blocks. Also it is more that proven that this type of game develops not only their fine motor skills, but also their imagination. A favourite in every family! 

What if I tell you that children can now imagine their new toys, build them at their own size and then play with them? Toys that can not only move, but transport them wherever they want to go.

Yes, it is true. Let me introduce you to MODU TOYS.

MODU is a set of “life-size” building blocks in tactile foam that together with colourful pegs and wheels can be mixed and match to build whatever toy children can imagine.

Theo and Jonathan, the 2 design engineers behind this amazing toy, launched their Kickstarter campaign less than 2 weeks ago and within a week they already reached their goal.

Their idea is simple, but revolutionary. Blocks of different sizes and shapes in an unobtrusive light grey, that can be connected with pegs of 3 different basic colours. New colours will be added as the company will grow and they have amazing ideas for their new future additions.

MODU has been extensively tested in Danish kindergartens and reviewed by experts in children development and as their cousins, the little building blocks, MODU enhances children motor skills and imagination.

What I also like is that MODU grows as the child does. If as a toddler, parents will be the ones building the toys for the little one, as they will grow, children themselves will start imagining and designing new uses. Endless possibilities. 

MODU remains fun and challenging from just 6 months up to 6 years.. ..and beyond!

Go and discover more about this amazing toy in their kickstarter page or in their webpage. You are still on time to order the best Christmas present ever!