Playing with leaves and flowers – MER MAG


We are super fans of MER MAG blog. She has the power to convert anything plain and normal into a playful play of art.

As Autumn is here, why don’t you try some DIY with leaves and flowers or anything natural that you collect around?Leaves crown. From MEr MAg seen in Cute and Kids blog

Do a flower girl with leaves and petals. From Mer Mag, seen in Cute and Kids blog

We love this decorated paper dolls. Your kids can draw their own dolls or use MER MAG’s printables.

Leaf Mask by Mer Mag, seen in Cute and Kids blog

You can collect colourful leaves to prepare a mask for your upcoming Halloween party. Kids would love to participate in the preparation for their costume and you can spend a wonderful afternoon together.

Animal Habitat created with leaves, twigs and handmade palydough. From Mer Mag blog, seen in Cute and Kids blog

And we have also something for your boys. An Animal Habitat made of Play-dough, leaves and twigs.

I can see my boys playing for hours with his bears, lions and giraffes. Maybe the cows will be happy too.

Mer Mag has also recipes for handmade play dough. Amazing blog, isn’t it?

FLOWER AND LEAVES mask. From Mer mag, seen in CUTE AND kIDS BLOG

Let’s play with nature this weekend!