Dress up your kids with Fable Heart

Fable Heart is a small kids’ design company dedicated to ethical sourcing and long lasting products for cute little ones.

When I first discovered the brand and I read the beautiful story told by Claire, owner and designer, I knew I had to make a post to introduce you the brand. As a mother I try to improve my kids creativity and imagination through play. I love to find design focused dress up clothes for my kids.

Come with me to dress up your kids with Fable Heart and discover their wonderful story told by Claire.

Fable Heart is a new brand hoping to make children’s dress up ethical and luxurious, as well as great fun. A new must-have.

“There was a mother, who loved to take her little girls to magical places- through stories, through music; through dress up.

She would spend hours draping them in old net curtains, and bits of fabric, and the little girls loved being transported to far off lands with the help of their simple props. The mother wanted to grow this experience for them, to have more of it, to allow her little girls to play and dream in a rich world that didn’t conform to regular, beauty queen Princesses. So she began turning the curtains into dresses, the fabric into crowns, weaving as much magic as possible throughout each piece.


Soon, the news spread far and wide of the magical little things coming from the house with the mother and the two girls. People began to knock on their door, and ask if the mother would make something special for their own little children. So thrilled was the mother, she began working late into the night, designing more things that would carry with them a piece of magic to every home that it was sent. She ran out of old curtains, and so selected new fabrics, chosen only for their quality and softness- much of it woven in Ireland. She tested everything for safety and longevity, for she knew that one day her little girls would grow up to have their own little children, and wanted to make sure that each and every piece would serve them for generations.


The mother eventually could no longer make all of the magical clothes herself, such was the popularity of her work. And so she called upon the help of some women she’d heard tell of, whose tailoring skills far surpassed her own. The new helpers were wonderful; they all lived in Ireland and worked closely with the mother to make sure that the magic stayed woven into the crowns and capes and beyond, even though that many more were now being made every day.

The mother still spends most of her time dreaming with her little girls, because they are what keep the magic of Fable Heart alive.

And now that the story has grown, there are many other boys and girls who influence the wizardry and whimsy found in Fable Heart boxes…the story continues to grow daily, and the mother could not be happier that so many wonderful customers now join her and her family on their journey.”

Believe in dress up!


Wings and wands, capes and crowns, all beautifully made… perfect for memorable playtime dress up!

Come and dress up your kids with FABLE HEART. Discover the enterely SS17 collection at kids trends trade fair Dot to Dot London sixth edition June 19th/20th.

Dear Claire we wish all the best!

+ info & online shop: FABLE HEART