The Flying Martha Ornithopter by Haptic Lab


I’m always looking for presents that will surprise my kids at Christmas. It’s not easy. Well, you can think it is too early but it isn’ t. September is almost over! Time goes by so quickly!

The Flying Martha Ornithopter is a beautiful present to enjoy outdoors together.

An ornithopter is a flying machine that uses flapping wing motion to fly, just like a real bird. Named after the last passenger pigeon, Martha, who died in captivity at the Cincinnati Zoo in 1914, the Flying Martha Ornithopter is a simple mechanical toy powered by a rubber band.

It is made from bamboo,  mulberry paper, brass and steel wire and the rubber band is made of natural latex.


To fly, simply wind up the bird and gently release like a paper airplane.

Similar to an airplane, the forward motion of the ornithopter allows the flapping wings to deflect air downwards, producing lift. No batteries needed.

The handmade nature of the Flying Martha allows you, the pilot, to tinker with every aspect of its flight. Turn the bird’s adjustable tail left or right, throw it with wings up or down, twist the rubber band clockwise or counterclockwise… besides being a really fun design object,

The Flying Martha Ornithopter encourages physical play and problem-solving. It is a fun toy, an anti-drone, beautiful and delicate in flight. Even as a design object, you’ll be proud to display it in your home.


This toy is handmade by Haptic Lab kite artisans, so each ornithopter have unique flight characteristics.

In the future, they are planning to sell a low-cost “Pro Kit”but now you can get yours at KICKSTARTER.

Hurry up! The campaign ends october de 18th. We have just bought ours!


We love every  new Emilie Fischer’s  design. We talked about the ship kite two years ago. Do you remember?.

Flying a kite is one of my favorite pastimes, It’s magical!

I love the idea of flying my own beautiful ornithopter with my family in a sunny autumn morning at the beach.