Robots are cool and who doesn’t fancy building their very own robot? With the OFFBITS robot builder kit you can do just this.

The OFFBITS are cool little model robots, originally designed with unused and unloved bits and pieces which were upcycled and transformed into something so much greater.

The OFFBITS “open-source” construction toy system is a based on build-it-yourself kits made from proprietary connectors and standard hardware components.

The kits include brightly-colored robot characters with inspiring backstories, as well as custom-designed  vehicles, extension packs, tools, and accessories. They can be combined to allow infinite building possibilities, and additional parts can be added from any home toolbox.

With open-source modularity, you can add any of your own spare parts to the figure to create an original design of your own.

Each time you stumble upon an abandoned screw, bolt, spring or somesuch, on it goes to your OFFBIT, becoming a new leg, a different head, a jaunty hat or a radioactive antenna.

The OFFBITS are build-it-yourself robots made of up-cycled components; connect the bots and create your own designs! 

The OFFBITS makes for an excellent team exercise, they are an interesting candidate for team building exercises in the classroom or for great parent-kid funtime. Combining brain power with creative energy sparks new and interesting ways to use the bits contained in the kit. Of course, egos will oftentimes butt heads, but this is part of the creative and cooperative process.

For those who enjoy building with blocks, do give THE OFFBITS a try. It’s an excellent blend of creativity and problem solving that melds to form a very adorable robot you’ll be proud to display. 

Are you ready to design your own crocbit? Press here to follow the step-by-step.