TOYI a creative play kit that turns trash into toys


Today I want to share one of our selected presents for the next Christmas season: TOYI.

A limitless creative play kit that enables children to transform everything around them into unique toys. With TOYI every kid is a toy designer. 

And why I love TOYI so much?

  • This kit comes without instructions or rules. The entire process is left to the kids’ imagination.  
  • It is a toy for every child, regardless of their sex, language, geographical location and socio-economic status. 
  • And last but not least, for every TOYI kit claimed on Kickstarter they will send a TOYI kit to a disadvantaged children. 

With a kit consisting of wheels, feet, eyes, joints, sticks, flexible rings and junction parts, kids aged 6+ can transform any object around them into a toy of their own creation. 

 Elif Atmaca, is the Turkey-based designer behind the project. The concept of TOYI originated from Elif’s desire to design toys for children who can’t access them. She explains:

“Especially in regions with many disadvantaged children, it is hard to send them the desired toys; so we thought we should make something that allows these children to transform the materials around them into toys.”

Toyi, which has come to life following this idea, has been developed by realizing that all children who can’t use their creativity in full, due to the urban lifestyle, pressure for academic success, parental instructions, and the restrictions of the toy industry, can benefit from this approach and product. 

With the open-ended play experience TOYI provides, kids can make a limitless  number of toys using their imagination. 

Toyi is designed not only to ensure that children will not lose their creativity as they grow up, but also to enable them to develop many skills that they would need in this century. 

As kids redesign the materials around them, they acquire the up-cycling instinct by producing without consuming in their early ages. 

For kids that have an over-abundance of toys, the kit will help them rethink consumption and their own ability to create and reinvent toys, rather than only buying more.

TOYI improves the 21st century skills such as problem solving, critical and innovative thinking, cooperation, taking initiative and help them become more creative, productive, self-confident, nature-loving lifelong-learners. 

Atmaca deliberately made the kit open-ended to help spur creativity and problem-solving.

A water bottle can turn into a rocket, an old box to a train compartment or a pine cone to a cute monster. 


Toyi is a limitless creative play kit without instructions that enables children to transform everything around them into unique toys. 

With Toyi, the world is a playground for children.

This is the perfect play kit for Lola, Lila and for all the kids in the world. This is the perfect present for the next Christmas. 

BUY IT ON KICKSTARTER!  It will be available till 2nd December 2018. Hurry up! We have already bought ours! 

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This is for sure the best toy ever for my kids!