While I am writing this, it is still snowing outside my window. Even living in the north of Europe, April means Spring for me and I am currently feeling the need for some color and sunlight.

If the weather is not cooperating, I will make sure to bring the Spring to our life in another way. Today a collection of accesories and brands that will make you feel in the middle of a Tuscany field or surrounded by Cherry trees in the Jerte valley. Let’s bring a splash for Spring to our kids’ wardrove.

I love VEJA shoes, they are not only beautiful, but also sturdy for my kids’ active life. They resist activities like climbing trees, kicking balls and even jumping up and down in muddy paddles. Within my favorites, the collaboration with Hundred Pieces, so playful and full of colour that  even adults will love to wear them. Which is your favorite, the flowery or the sprinke’s one?
We are in love with Sticky Lemon bags, patches and embroided pins. They mixed and match colors like Spring experts. I want one for me, not sure if I can share it with my children.
 Another favorite is the collaboration between Tiny Cottons and Puma. It calls for long days in the playground and picnics in the park. I do not know if I prefer the Octopus playing or the vichy motive (in red or blue)
Another way of bringing the Spring mood to your life is through your socks. These colorful option from Sticky lemons and among my favorites, but I also like these others from Bobo Choses.
 What about you? Are you also feeling that Spring is taking too long to arrive? How do you add color to your life?
We will love to know