BORAMIRI dolls- charming rag dolls with soul

We are used to see beautiful things everyday, but they not always talk to us, make us feel something special . This is exactly what happen to me with BORAMIRI dolls.

BORAMIRI is the place where BORA LEE let her imagination fly. Her fairy spirit creates fantastic dolls that inspired her Parisian wanders to meet his Korean origins. Dolls with soul.

Boramiri dolls, rag dolls with soul _ seen in cuteandkids blog

Illustrator, designer and graphic designer, Bora used all her expertise to create this dreamy collection that seems coming from a fairy tales book.

Unicorns, lambs, deers and ethereal rag dolls directly from a princess dream.

Boramiri dolls, the princess lamb, seen in cuteandkids blog

boramiri dolls _ pink unicorn_ seen in cuteandkids blog

Every piece is unique and handmade from the best materials: 100% cotton fabric, glitter and metallic yarn.

BORAMIRI DOLLS are so beautiful and special that they really seem to have a soul.

boramiri doll_ queen in mynt_ seen in cuteandkids blog

You can buy them in the BORAMIRI web, or in the following distribution points.