BUDDY Feeding Pillow – the cutest thing ever

From the long list of potential things to buy when expecting a baby, a feeding pillow is for me among the most important ones.

Not many people is used to carry around more than 1 kg  24/7, so a comfy place to rest your arms while feeding, it is definitely a must.

Buddy Feeding pillow, seen in Cute and Kids blog

But let’s admit it, almost all the nursing pillows are boring and not very useful after the nursing time has finished.

BUDDY, it is not definitely the case. It is as useful as it should be, but also is a nice toy to have at home. It can be a support for your little one while he learns to sit down, a pillow for rest their heads while listening their bed story or a decorative cushion in your child’s room.

If I have to buy one again, BUDDY will be for sure our new friend.