Are your kids the type of adventurous boys (and girls) that always come home with a hole in their trousers?

I do not know how many trousers I toss every season due to climbing, crawling or investigating the world.  I have tried all, from asking them to be careful to threatening with a life in “ventilated” pants, but nothing seems to work with them.

After discovering the world of patching, trousers are going to last more than 2 months. Promise!

Come with me and discover the coolest patches in the world! They will bring their clothes (and yours) to a new level.

Macon&Lesquoy is the combination made from the daughters of an antique dealer and an astrophysicist that love to tell stories. They convert embroidery into “jewels” that mend moth-eaten cashmere sweaters, stained trench-coats, naughty kids trousers or any other sentimental item that you do not want to get rid of.

There are so many possibilities to choose from, that you will have a problem to decide which is the one that suits you better.


I love them so much, that we do not need holes to patch, we will happily use them to adorn and customise our clothes. You can find them in Macon&Lesquouy webpage or through our favorite retailer Smallable.

If you are looking for handmade embroidery, Eradura is your choice. She designs and handstiches every of their amazing creations, most of them inspired in the Texas desert, where she comes from.

She sells her patches through her web-store, but you need to be fast, because they usually disappear as soon as they are posted in the shop.
If you are looking for something more “child-like”, Will Woody be is your brand. Melanie and Caroline, fashion designer and illustrator, create clothes and accessories with the idea of showing children the “beauty” of passion jobs. Astronauts, fire fighters, mechanics, florists, dancers, whatever they want to be when they will grow-up.
I really like the dj patch and I am sure my kids will love the painter or the firefighter’s patches.


What do you think? Toss or reinvent? Can you recommend us another brand? We will love to hear all about it.