The Benjamin brush, a kids musical toothbrush


As a mother I know how difficult is to get kids to brush properly.

It is nothing new, I think that parents everywhere have experienced the battle. Looking for resources to get my kids more excited about brushing their teeth and encourage them good brushing habits, I have found this musical toothbrush. Let me introduce you the Benjamin brush.

Turn music on

BleepBleeps is a tech company that create a range of cute, app connected gadgets that make life easier for families. Their most recent project is the Benjamin Brush and it’s about to make night-time and morning routines a whole lot easier.


This kids musical toothbrush keeps the brushing party going by playing your favourite music for 2 minutes. To encourage better brushing it vibrates every 30 seconds so you know when to move on to the next part of your mouth.

Connect Benjamin to the free BleepBleeps app to record when, and how long you brush for and earn points. The app keeps track of your points so you can compete with your friends and family. Turn the routine battle into something kids look forward to. Make brushing a game!




The Benjamin Brush is the world’s first kids musical toothbrush with an integrated music store.

With an integrated music store Benjamin plays your favourite tracks and gets you brushing (and dancing!) for two minutes, twice a day. And shake your body!


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Extra bonus! Five parenting tips for brushing your kids’ teeth!

Note! To read this post listen to the music! Turn on the speakers!