MAISON CISSON handknitted sausages from France

A time ago we showed you a new brand, Aufschinitt, that made pillows that are sold in a textile butchery. Today we want to introduce you MAISON CISSON, handknitted sausages from France. A funny idea!


Rosette de Lyon, nuts sausage from the Périgo, Corsican figatellu, Basque chorizo … All of them are handknitted specialties from the Maison Cisson.

A funny idea born from Catherine Kerboull’s greed and her desire not to give in to temptation, but also the growing demand from friends.



To make her sausages, Catherine choose each wool carefully and has closely studied each specialty. Helped by her sister, they knitted them to create the illusion of incredible real sausages.

Try them without moderation: they do not stain, are not fat, and can be stored indefinitely!


MAISON CISSON are handmade knitted sausages inspired by typical sausages of French regions.


If you are visiting Paris this summer, go to MERCI, and buy MAISON CISSON knitted sausages, a typical present from France to your foreign friends. This knitted sausages will decorate with humour their kitchen and will provide lots of fun to the whole family!

Confusingly similar to real sausages, hanging on a nail in your kitchen, funny and all pudgy,  MAISON CISSON will be proud ambassadors of the culture and French gastronomy!

Sausages Cisson will be available online from October 2016 at