Handmade tiny clothes for dolls by Les Zigouis


Two weeks ago surfing in Instagram, I discovered these handmade tiny clothes for dolls made by LES ZIGOUIS and I immediately got crazy about them. It was love at first sight!.

I love the retro French style and handicraft touch that Barbara Berrada (the creative director) gives to all her designs.  I already was a huge fan of LES ZIGOUIS clothes, and now I am also a huge fan of the handmade tiny clothes from this dolls’ collection.


Since the beginning, Les Zigouis has followed a sensible and ethical approach in fashion. A genuine guarantee of quality, the “fabrication française” is at the core of every step of the collections, from the design and all the way to production. The collections are made within her own workshop although sometimes, she approaches other artisans and local companies with a specific expertise.

After graduating in fashion design from the École Duperré, School of Design, Fashion and Creation, Barbara started working as an assistant stylist in the design studio of La Chemise Lacoste. After that she created her own children’s clothes brand in 2009: LES ZIGOUIS.

I started to make capes and bonnets for kids around 2007 and showed them on my blog.

My readers and several shops from South Korea asked me if they could buy them, so I created my own brand in 2009, from home.

Since then I work on 2 or 4 collections by year, it depends.



Barbara do everything by herself, so she is free to do what she wants. She have an incredible sense for aesthetics and style. She doesn’t follow any trends when she designs something new, she only follows her intuition. She draws her inspiration from everywhere -in the street, at museums, with her kids…-, so we can say that behind LES ZIGOUIS style there is a true and real way of life. 

Childhood, melancholy, poetry, nature, everything inspires me a lot since always. When I was an art student I felt totally in love with all vintage things, clothes, design, furnitures.

It is still a big part of my inspiration.

In my work, unconsciously I think I try to build bridges between all these passions.

-Barbara Berrada LES ZIGOUIS creative director. 

All the PETITE PARISIENNE handmade tiny clothes for dolls collection is an artisanal work. These cute dolls and their handmade tiny clothes are on our wish-list for Christmas!



But we don’t only like her handmade clothes for dolls’ collection, we also love her kids’ wear collection for boys and girls. The three following pictures are my favorite from the entire collection. I would love to have the linen coat in adult size! Which are yours?





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